Hong's Taekwondo

9709 W Greenfield Ave • 414-259-1792


Program Overview

Flexible Programs

Hong’s Tae Kwon Do is open six days a week and offers flexible rates and training schedules. We make it easy for you to study and progress through the ranks. We offer at least five classes each evening Monday through Friday, lunch time classes, and two classes on Saturday.

Group Classes

Group classes last 50 minutes and feature self-defense training, physical conditioning, various reaction drills, and practical exercises to sharpen the self-defense tools you have learned.

By enrolling in a group program you may attend two regular classes each week. However, you are allowed to attend one additional class per week if it is needed to further grasp the techniques being presented in that series.

Private Classes

Private lessons are designed for the student seeking more personalized accelerated training. It has been shown that private lesson students progress three times faster than students who rely entirely on group classes.

Special Discounts

Private lessons are one-half hour long and are scheduled once a week, during the day or evening, at your convienence and space availability. Private lesson students may attend group classes at no additional charge. Please note that private lesson students who also participate in at least one group lesson per week progress faster and easier than those only taking private lessons.