Hong's Taekwondo

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Children’s Programs

DSC_3121-webAt Hong’s Tae Kwon Do, our children’s programs are second to none. We realize that the ability of a child to be able to defend himself/herself is important, but far more important are the tools the child will need to develop into a well-rounded adult. Therefore, children learn respect, courtesy, and self-control while participating in a good exercise program. As students of the Martial Arts they build confidence and self-esteem while they progress through the program. Each of these characteristics improves attitudes and grades. Our objective is to help children improve in each of these areas:

DSC_3091-webAs children successfully accomplish and reach for new goals, their confidence levels grow, their self-esteem is enhanced, and the need to be self-disciplined becomes an accepted standard. As part of our program, we have included visible as well as intangible rewards for our students. The visible rewards include different colored belts that are symbols of ever increasing levels of expertise in the martial arts, patches for the accomplishment of special projects (such as honor roll), and different colored uniforms for the achievement of greater levels of dedications and training. However, even more important than these are the intangible rewards of praise for a job well done, the encouragement to continue when things seem difficult, and the verbal acknowledgment of goals reached and awards earned. Each of these enhances the child’s character and contributes to his/her own self-worth.

Structured Programs

DSC_3109-webBy using a structured program of instruction Hong’s Tae kwon Do teaches the student to think instead of panic in a threatening or potentially dangerous situation. In many instances, the knowledge of what one can do if challenged generates enough courage to avoid trouble. However, if trouble cannot be avoided, our students learn to defend themselves from “bullies” and other would be assailants. Our students are taught to be defensive in their actions and are trained to avoid the desire to become aggressive with others. The programs are designed to enhance performance in other sports by improving children’s coordination and concentration. In addition, our unique program of learning includes education in history, geography, and anatomy.

We are Dedicated to Your Child’s Total Development!