Hong's Taekwondo

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Adult Programs


Get the Most Out of Yourself

At Hong’s Tae Kwon Do our adult students experience a combination of exercises for both body and mind. On the physical side, the body is strengthened by cardiovascular workouts as well as isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Flexibility is improved through a gradual process of safe and easy stretching techniques. With deep breathing and concentration exercises we relax the mind and stimulate thoughts that lead to action. Of course, all of this is happening as you train your body and mind to respond quickly to any dangerous situation.

The System

DSCN0815-webAt Hong’s Tae Kwon Do we teach a complete martial arts system. Our basic curriculum is Tae Kwon Do and it is enhanced by the flowing movements incorporated from Hap Ki Do. Therefore, you will learn to defend yourself in virtually all situations.


With any martial arts training system, the success you will have in any given situation is depending upon two things. First, you must believe you can do it, and second, you must develop self-displine to make it happen. Training at Hong’s Tae Kwon Do will instill in you each of these attributes and they will not help your martial arts training but also make a major contribution to your success in business and your personal life.